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She’s poured two glasses of wine and leans over the island to hand me mine. Then she turns to put together the cheese plate. She’s at ease in my kitchen. Barefoot, in jeans, and a form-fitting black sweater that hits right at her waist. Her dark hair sways as she moves around.

I feel torn, because I want everything right now. I want to take her on the kitchen counter. I want to watch her fix our dinner in my kitchen, but I want it to be our kitchen. I want to sit and talk with her over wine.

How quick is too fast? How long do we have to date before I can ask her to move in with me?

How quick is too fast? How long do we have to date before I can ask her to move in with me? Because at that moment, I know. This is it for me. I want her by my side for good.

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More from the West Side Series…

When the Stars Align By Isabel Jolie Order Today
When The Stars Align

A passion-fueled, friends to lovers romance from award-winning author Isabel Jolie. When the Stars Align is all about the choices we make, and how a career can sometimes get in the way of actually living.

Sarah S.
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I absolutely loved this book! I started reading this while getting the kids ready for bed one night and once they were in the bed I jumped into the book. Even though I knew they were going to be up early I couldn’t put it down. I stayed up until 2 in the morning and even then had to force myself to go to sleep! This is the exact type of story I love to read.
Lee L.
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I don’t normally read these type of books, but this was a good one! I could feel Jackson’s hands on Anna (and wanted them on me!) I can’t wait to read the next one.
Kathryn M.
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When The Stars Align is the first book in the West Side Series by Isabel Jolie. This story is entertaining and satisfying. Anna and Jackson are interesting characters and I found myself rooting for them to find their second chance Happily Ever After. I am excited for more books in this series.
Ashley S.
review stars
Anna and Jackson dated four years ago until they had a disagreement and went their separate ways. Now he has moved into her building on the same floor and first they become friends and then friends with benefits but as they begin to fall for each other they back away. This is a wonderful book that kept me totally engrossed.

Hi. I’m Isabel.

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About the Author

Isabel used to read a book a year until she discovered the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon – now it’s a one-a-day habit. She loves anything sexy, juicy, naughty or downright dirty and enjoys sharing these discoveries with not only her mortified and repressed friends but thousands of others on her blog, which you can view here.