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Sure of One Releasing March 7 2023
Sure of One Releases March 7, 2023

New Releases

Better to See You

A billionaire’s teenage daughter goes missing.

No ransom, no demands.

A former SEAL and a young professor team up to find her.

As case facts turn to fiction, Ryan and Alex will need to use every skill at their disposal.

The only question is whether that will be enough to get them all out with their lives–and hearts–intact.

Better to See You is a steamy, standalone romantic suspense, and kicks off the Arrow Tactical Security Series.

How to Survive a Holiday Fling

How to Survive a Holiday Fling

This holiday a lot goes wrong, but one thing goes right.

It’s fun in the snow and hot, jingling, unforgettable nights.

And then it’s goodbye. A sane, mature, parting of ways.

He’ll return home to his Texas ranch. And she’ll stay in Jackson to pursue a new career.

All they’ve got to do is forget all about the fling.

Christmas magic abounds in this love story that begins as a carefree holiday fling and transforms in the New Year, through all the seasons, and winds up right up back on Christmas Tree Lane.

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