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First Light

He’s former military and a cop. 

She’s the sister of a notorious hacker, and lives depend on her secrecy. 

Close proximity brings them together. 

He’s everything she yearns for.

He’s also a cop- exactly the kind of man who’d never understand her truth.

Will he be her savior…or her downfall?

The West Side Series – Read FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

Love wasn’t in the cards the first time around. When the universe shifts and the stars realign, they choose to play a second hand.

Can they keep the stakes low, or will someone’s heart get traded?

A second chance romance featuring college exes, surprise neighbors, one loveable dog, and a group of friends living life on the twenty’s shady side. 

Misplaced Mistletoe

What happens under the mistletoe, stays under the mistletoe….Or does it?

Releasing November 8!

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