While books within a series can be read in any order, for those who prefer order over chaos...Here's a reading order list complete with leading characters and sub genres. 


The West Side Series

Takes place in New York, NY.

1 – When the Stars Align – Jackson and Anna – second chance romance, friends with benefits

2- Trust Me – Olivia and Sam Duke – billionaire romance

3- Walk the Dog – Delilah and Mason – medical/veterinary romance, single dad romance

4- Lost on the Way – Jason and Maggie – friends to lovers romance

5- Chasing Frost – Chase and Sadie – FBI romance, hidden identity romance, female sleuth

6- Misplaced Mistletoe – Ashton (Anna’s brother, also known as Dr. Bobby) and Nora – holiday romance, second chance romance


The Haven Island Series

Takes place in a small fictional town, inspired by real-life Bald Head Island, NC

1- Rogue Wave – Tate and Luna – age gap romance, romantic suspense

2- Adrift – Gabe and Poppy – billionaire romance

3- First Light – Logan and Cali – police romance, romantic suspense


The Twisted Vines Series

Takes place mostly in Napa Valley, also in Santa Barbara, CA

1- Crushed – Erik (Cali’s twin brother from First Light in the Haven series) and Vivi – hidden identity romance, friends to lovers, billionaire romantic suspense

2- Breathe – Kairi and David – second chance romance, romantic suspense

3- Savor – Trevor and Stella – reverse age gap, single mom, military romantic suspense


The Arrow Tactical Series

Takes place in Santa Barbara, CA and San Diego, CA

1- Better to See You – Ryan (aka Wolf from the Twisted Vines series) and Alexandria – military, romantic suspense

2- Sure of One – Jack and Ava – billionaire, military, romantic suspense

3- Cloak of Red – Sophia and Fisher – billionaire, military, law enforcement, age gap romantic suspense


Standalone Romances, not in a series

1- How to Survive a Holiday Fling – Oliver Duke (brother of Sam Duke from Trust Me in the West Side series) and Kate – takes place in Jackson, Wyoming and Austin, Texas

2- Always Sunny – Ian Duke (youngest brother of Sam Duke from Trust Me in the West Side series) and Sandra – takes place in both Austin and Houston Texas.

3- The Romantics – Dr. Harrison Ramsey (friend of Ian's from Always Sunny) and Zuri - takes place mostly in Houston, Texas