Series: Arrow Tactical: Wolf Trilogy

 In the past, he was paid to protect me. Now, he’s being paid to marry me.


My first operation in the field, the marriage is a cover.

Damian Fisher is a CIA legend with a shaggy beard, chocolate curls, and deep blue eyes. As a teen, my girlfriends swooned in his presence.

I never expected to work with him as an equal. I’d bet he never expected it either. 

But, my overprotective father is a powerful man and I wouldn’t put it past him to pull a stunt like this to protect his baby girl. Requesting my old bodyguard and his close friend to work by my side is right down Daddy Dearest’s alley.

But I no longer need protection. I worked hard to overcome the effects of the abduction. Someone played me like a pawn on a chessboard, and I’m dedicating my career to unveiling the players calling the shots.

Only lines blur when our relationship becomes all too real. Secrets from my past unfurl. Chaos erupts. In the end, it’s not just our mission on the line. It’s also our hearts and lives.


What am I willing to sacrifice to unravel the past and stay true to my mission? 


Cloak of Red is a billionaire, forbidden romantic suspense, age gap, fake marriage romance between two CIA undercover officers. She's a billionaire heiress, and as a teen and college student, he was her bodyguard.

Cloak of Red is the third standalone romance in the Arrow Tactical Series and is part of the Wolf trilogy, a modern-day take on Little Red Riding Hood where her past intertwines with her present in a dangerous game of make-believe with the one man she can’t resist. 

The stories are designed so that they can be read without reading prior books, but to ensure the absence of spoilers, it is recommended the trilogy be read in order.

Book 1 – Better to See You. Book 2 – Sure of One. Book 3 – Cloak of Red


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“So well written that you can’t help but be spellbound as the relationship of the two main characters becomes physically and emotionally charged. Each page is explicit in its eroticism and details of their physical relationship, but not in an offensive way. Graphic, yes, but powerful in its verbiage and descriptions of desire and love… Titillating (in a good way) and emotionally powerful…I highly recommend this realistic and forceful love story.” -International Review of Books

“This just might be my favorite book of the series!….suspenseful, emotional, and all kinds of hot.” - JennReadsRomance

“While the duo plays their roles and pulls us deeper into the suspense of the case, their feelings begin to become all too real. This adds that extra layer of suspense that makes your eyes fly faster and faster over the words because you want to see how it twists them up next. One of the BEST books I’ve read this year!” - Lynchburg Reads

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Joie Haviland

Cloak of Red