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Jewel E. Ann

April 16, 2019 10:34 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

This author, Jewel Ann, inspires. I discovered her in 2018 and within a few weeks read all of her books. She writes a variety of different kinds of romance stories, but she doesn't have a single weak book. The tagline on her book website: "Mindbending Romance". She delivers.   STANDALONE BOOKS Undeniably You The hero in this book, Lautner, is pretty much unforgettable. I've re-read this book because it's THAT good. It is the kind of book you just have to let entertain you and not think too deeply while reading, but it's still one of my faves.   Sydney + Lautner 4VR             Idle Bloom Vivian and Oliver's love story brought tears to my eyes.  Maybe it's not so much the love story that does this, as Oliver's backstory.   It's well told and emotional.    Sensitive topics:  Postpartum depression, death            Scarlet Stone Scarlet Stone and Theodore Reed start off with a rocky, makes you laugh kind of friendship.   To me, Scarlet's journey takes centerplace in this story.  On the believability scale, this one's probably pretty low, but it's a heartwarming entertaining journey.  As long as no one reads this book... View Article