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Jersey Six by Jewel E. Ann

June 16, 2019 8:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts

LOVE this book!  Another great mind-bending story from Jewel E. Ann.  It's so much more than romantic suspense.   And, that cover!  Lick worthy. Jersey Six, a foster care survivor, meets a rock star who gives her a job and shelter.   She seeks revenge.   It's a love story. Definitely suspense.  Lots of twists.   Strong, memorable characters.  I can't imagine forgetting Jersey Six and Ian Cooper. The story is so much more than just a romance.  To me, it's a story about the endurance and strength of the human spirit.   About the healing power of love.   A reminder that we can't judge others because we never really know what they've been through.  A reminder to be kind to the next homeless person you meet. Guardian ad Litem I work with kids in foster care, and I'm also a kickboxer, so this one really hit home for me.  If you read this and are left wanting to look out for kids in foster care, but not sure how to, you may want to consider Guardian ad Litem.   You can find your states chapter here.  These volunteers are assigned a child in foster care.  They serve as a double-check in a way.  Someone in... View Article

Faking Ms. Right by Claire Kingsley

June 12, 2019 9:29 am Published by Leave your thoughts

So much fun.   Yeah, you do kind of have an idea of exactly what's gonna happen in this boss/assistant fake marriage trope - but it's so much fun to read.   Watching Everly, a magnanimous extrovert, and Shepherd, a closeted emotional introvert, fall in love keeps you turning the pages. She has a married lesbian sister, he has a married gay brother, and even that little subplot unfolds perfectly and has lights up this pair as perfect for each other.   Everly's friends are also fun and the banter reminds me of books from authors Jana Aston or Christina Lauren. Everly kind of rocks the good girl vibe, and Shepherd doesn't expect her sexual tigress, and truly, neither does the reader.   But hot damn!  The two of them school car sex.  And office sex.  And sofa sex. Kingsley offers a second chapter HEA in exchange for an email address when you finish the book.  Totally worth it.  Besides, you'll want Kingsley's new release info.  

The Dirty Ones Book Review

The Dirty Ones by JA Huss

June 10, 2019 6:09 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

This book led me to JA Huss.  It's about a romance writer and her friends. First off, JA Huss is a fucking rock star in the romance category.   I thought about doing a Fave Author page, but she's written so prolifically and so much of it is so damn good, I'll have to do several posts. Her books are worth it. So, The Dirty Ones.  Unique plot.  Twisted.  At the end, you may have to sit back and think through it all and say "What the fuck happened?".   But, you'll figure it out. It's a romance.  But nothing at all typical or ordinary.  It's a mystery.  Friends from college get drawn back together again.  Crazy shit happened in college and someone wrote about it and it hit the NY Times Bestseller list!   And they have to figure out which one did it.   And then there's a lot of other shit to figure out.   Can I just add the word - ORGY!   The books way more than just sex, but true to JA Huss style - this sex is HOT.   In To Her Holy smokes!  The cover pulled me in.  Then, that first chapter.  DAMN! Love In To Her.  Yes,... View Article

With This Heart by RS Grey

June 9, 2019 7:14 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Young love between two old souls, this story brings tears to the eyes and stays with you. I did have to research to find out if it's YA.  It says it's for ages 17 and above, and there are some hot sex scenes - so I guess that means it's officially not YA.  But, so much about this feels like YA. These two are young, college age kids.   She's an old soul because she's been through more than most adults twice her age, spending her childhood preparing for death until at age 19 her beeper goes off and she receives her transplant.   He's an old soul because even though he's a college kid, he has the wisdom to glance across the street and appreciate her zest for life and he actually does something about it. This is a coming of age book with a heartwarming romance.  It's the kind of book that makes you appreciate life..... not just love, LIFE.    

Marriage for One by Ella Maise

June 5, 2019 8:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts

There's something about the names Jack and Rose.   I thought Titanic nailed those two into eternity, then I read this book.   Wow.  It's like Jane Austen came back and wrote a contemporary novel. Just look at that cover.   That's Jack.  Yep.  Hot. As. Fuck.    Makes me wish I'd found a grumpy, serious frowner. Ella Maise sucks the reader in with one of the best first chapters I've read in a long time.   Confession:  Somewhere around Chapter 2, I took note of my page number and scrolled to the last chapter just to check out the ending.   I consider that kind of draw impressive given the romance category where we're pretty much guaranteed an HEA unless some witless writer wants to risk hate mail. Love this book.  Even the innocent kissing scenes make my heart beat faster.  Moving forward, when I think of Jack and Rose, I'm thinking of this love story.  No longer will I wonder why she couldn't fit him on the door.   Heartwarming romance, great story.  

Sweet Thing by JA Huss

June 2, 2019 8:07 am Published by Leave your thoughts

  What age difference deserves society's frown?15 years?20 years? I'm gonna go with love is love is love.   Age is a state of mind.   Now, I will always point out that if uber hot Demi couldn't make it work with Ashton, then I'm a little skeptical the older woman thing works for the long haul.  But..... what a lucky woman with the older man, right?  I mean, when she's 40 and he's on the shadowy side of fifty....she's still a hot young thing. In Sweet Thing, you can see how it could work.  And, true to JA Huss, it's super sexy. The story makes me think back to when I was 18.  I sure as hell wasn't in as mature of a place as Aria.  I needed time on my own.  There was this chef I worked with, probably around the age of Ryker (the hero in this story).   Unlike most chefs, he rocked washboard abs.  Never occurred to me, not once, to put him in the "potential fuck" bucket.   A fellow waitress my age started dating him.  Total shock.  To me.  Not to her.   But she was so much more together than me.  She ironed her uniform.  Who the... View Article

Just My Type by Tara Sivec

May 29, 2019 8:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Super cute romance.  When I say cute, I mean Tara Sivec incorporates humorous, laugh out loud email and text exchanges as Baker and Ember start to trust and fall in love. In terms of evil villains, her ex plays a world class asshole.  Sadly, not as evil as some I've met in real life, but evil enough to piss a reader off. Ember's a bit of a wacky character, but she's still loveable.  And what I love about her?  She's taken a hard punch, but she pulls herself together for her son and she's strong.  She can throw her own punches. This cover?  It's what pulled me in, and I swear they kind of hit it spot on with the two characters on the front cover.  These two are Baker and Ember.  I love that. Oh, and this is book 2 in The Simple Life series.  I haven't read book 1, but I'm gonna!   PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT If your husband ever tells you things aren't working out, and he thinks it's better if you each don't contest divorce, nod (or disagree, whatever you feel like doing) but either way:  GET A FUCKING LAWYER.  Don't call your Mom, your friend,... View Article

Time by Penny Reid

May 26, 2019 8:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts

"History - the good kind of history - is seldom made by those who keep their head down." I think I kind of fell in love with Mona DaVinci when she says this.  Maybe because it's a sign of our times.  Which, interestingly enough, somewhere in this book she says in a class she had they point out that the issues from a thousand years ago still exist today.   Abram counters that all the good things from a thousand years ago, love, trust, caring, they exist today too.   A powerful message for the times we live in. I picked this book to read because I just love that cover.  And yeah, at times, I was kind of like, 'I think I missed some of this story.'   After I finished it, filled with a good warm vibe, I researched and discovered that this is part three in a series by Penny Reid, with two cliffhangers before it.   Given a cliffhanger is kind of my pet peeve, maybe that's all for the best.   Three books is a long ass time to arrive at an HEA.   If you want to go through that, Motion and Space are the two before this one. I... View Article

Pretty Things by JA Huss

May 22, 2019 8:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Pretty Things brought tears to my eyes.  The love story didn't deliver watery eyes, although Aiden and Kali have a damn good story.   I can say this without giving too much away, because the book starts off at a funeral.   Kyle, Kalie's twin brother and Aiden's best friend, dies.   The story revolves around them dealing with his death and finding each other. Kyle uses this app called "Dead Notes".  Little JA Huss trivia for you - that app was created by a fictional character from another series named Five.  One of my fave characters EVER.   Totally unrelated to this book, just a cool blast from the past.  I like thinking of people out in the world using Five's app. DEAD NOTES The app allows people to leave a message for loved ones.  It's a "If you're hearing this, then shit" kind of message.   And you can call and leave messages to your dead loved one.  Kind of morbid, but kind of sweet too.  Therapeutic idea. Dead Notes reminded me of the letters I wrote each of my baby daughters.  In case I had a brain aneurysm and they never got to know me, there were some things I wanted them... View Article