Lake Life & Curveballs

September 9, 2020
The last couple of weeks closing out summer arrived with a curveball emailed in by AMS ads (for those that don't know, that's Amazon).  They said that my cover was too sexually explicit. As a reminder, this is (or was) the cover: Mind: Blown. It kind of made me feel like they needed to take a handheld tour of their own site, because comparatively speaking, this is what I call mild. And as I pointed out when I lobbed a dispute, she's wearing polka dot leggings. POLKA DOT. She's not wearing thigh highs (and some people ARE on covers in their store). At this point, I'm kind of waiting to see what else can possibly go wrong on this little trek to release day. There's been other blood pressure raising hiccups, but the cover is one that's easy to point to and explain. We (meaning my husband) tested a new cover on Facebook ads and it performed better than the above, so maybe it's all shaking out the way it's supposed to.  Reviews are beginning to roll in and so far it's all good! Here on our little lake, the humidity isn't quite so high. The leaves remain a solid green, and I'll take it, because I'm not quite ready to spend weekends raking leaves. The girls are still in school (in person!), which if I'd placed a bet in early August I would've put my money on us closing down by now due to a COVID outbreak. So that's good. In this house, we'll take all the little things and be grateful. As for me, I'm nervous about the upcoming release. Maybe I'm not supposed to say that. I've noticed other authors don't seem to say it in newsletters. But, I am. And, really, who wouldn't be, right? It's going to be a crazy month, but my goal is to force myself to take Roxie (my dog/baby) on long walks several times each week to enjoy Fall...because it's my absolute favorite season, rain or shine. Here's hoping you have a gorgeous September filled with all the little things.