The August Scoop

July 31, 2020

We dropped our kids off for a two-week overnight camp. Kind of a big deal these days. Two weeks quarantine before the camp and required temperature checks seven days before the start of camp and all kinds of forms. But we did it.

Why you might ask? Why would we take the risk? Well, for one, our youngest girl LOVES camp. With passion. And, our older daughter's summer plans were canceled by COVID, and she decided she wanted to go check out this camp her little sister loves so much, and at thirteen, she's kind of getting to that age where she *might* age out of camp soon. Then, there's also the fact they've been rotting their brains on electronics for a ton of the summer since we've been laying low and not doing so much. At the end of the day, did we do the right thing? I don't know. I think we did the right thing for us, and that's all we really can do, right? One thing I've noticed since they've been gone: The house is quiet. So quiet. On the bright side, and there's always a bright side, it's allowed me to jam on work. I'm about halfway through my sixth (SIXTH!) as yet unnamed book. It's the first in a new series and it takes place on an island. It's a post-COVID world (the vaccine has been found and we're in a post-pandemic normal) and it's partially inspired by The Lawless Ocean by Ian Urbana. I'm also in big-time editing mode, working on Chasing Frost, the last and final book that shares Chase's story. It's an FBI romance, and I plan to visit a range soon and practice shooting guns, all in the name of bringing the experience to the story. Editing is complete on Lost on the Way! I'll be formatting Lost on the Way, the fourth book in the West Side Series, and preparing to send it out to bloggers and reviewers. It doesn't release until September, but man there's a lot to do leading up to that date. That's two weeks without kids in a nutshell. We are staying in Asheville the night before pick-up, and I'm hoping to get some good photos to share on Insta. starts August 17! Normally I say that with this sensation that the year has flown by. This year...I don't really have that whizzing by feeling. Hope anyone reading this is staying soapy and sane. Until September...