Lost on the Way

July 31, 2020
Lost on the Way coverYes! The cover is here! And, for those who received the August newsletter, you might have noticed this cover isn't like EITHER of the ones I polled. (Thanks for responding to that poll, by the way, if you did). Well, here's the story behind that. You see, finding good photos for a cover is trickier than you might think. I was beyond frustrated, after spending HOURS going through cheesy ass photos when my husband told me it's not that hard. Then, he sent me the photo that you see on the right. I LOVED it. So happy! I ask where he got it and if I can use it. He texts back "Of course you can use it." Then, it turns out, he MEANT to text, "you CAN'T use it." See what a bad typo that is??? He found it on a photographer's site, India Earl. I wrote to her and didn't hear back. She's a wedding and special events photographer. Book covers aren't even on her radar, although she's so incredibly talented they should be. So, alas, I gave up and went back to the drawing board. My good friend Sarah volunteered to help me search the stock photo boards. She found some good options, and I found some more options. Adlina, my cover designer, worked some magic and then I polled you guys. But, my HEART was still on this photograph. To me, this photograph captures the essence of Jason and Maggie, two friends who have been through so much together. The death of her first love and his best friend, cancer, growing up from college through their twenties together. A deep love born of friendship that ever so slowly grew to something more. And then, AFTER I sent out the poll and sent off the selected image to Xpresso Book Tours... India emailed me! And we emailed back and forth, and she gave me the rights! This might be the year 2020, but some good things still happen. So, that's the long-winded explanation behind "the process" and how we ended up here. Hope you love this cover as much as I do!