Twice in a Blue Moon by Christina Lauren

November 1, 2019

Twice In a Blue Moon Book ReviewA second-chance romance and heart-warming rom-com, this one from Christina Lauren might push YA boundaries but it's close.

Sam and Tate first meet on a trip with their grandparents to London. He's twenty-one and she's eighteen. His grandfather has a great sense of humor and warm wit. Her grandmother is protective and worried about every dollar she spends. Tate tells him her deepest, most private secret because she feels she can tell this stranger anything. She falls for him during their light night meet-ups in the hotel garden and one afternoon away from their guardians she gives him her virginity. The beginning of the story is completely YA. Then he does a seemingly horrible thing and Tate's life changes forever. Fourteen years later the two meet again. My wish upon a blue moon would be that Tate would be a stronger character, not quite so slow on the uptake and more the hollywood savvy self she realistically would have had to become in order to survive in Hollywood for fourteen years. My second wish upon a blue moon would be that Sam would have manned up and run to Tate when she's seemingly sold out once again by someone. Agreeing to go into hiding and not being there for Tate didn't warrant her hunting him out and wrapping her arms around him for the expedient HEA. So, yes, I have a wish for each blue moon. All that said, it's still an entertaining book. I have a friend who truly enjoyed it. And I love the title and the book cover design. And if you are curious about life behind the scenes on a movie set, then this book will be doubly entertaining.