All My Life by Prescott Lane

October 30, 2019
All My Life Book Review A beautiful love story set in small-town America filled with layers of love. I devoured this story and then reread some of my favorite parts as soon as I finished it. Devlyn has been there for Garrett for eighteen years. She's been in love with him since she was five.   Garrett sees Devlyn as DD. His friend from down the street. A new girl comes into town and delivers his first crush. When she shows up pregnant on his doorstep, he becomes a seventeen-year-old dad in a small town where most shun him. His crush leaves him and his baby daughter before they're released from the hospital. And at first, DD is his only friend. Eighteen years later, she owns the biscuit shop across the street from his hardware store. She's still his best friend, and she's an important person in his daughter's life. During Mia's valedictorian speech, she begs for someone to date her Dad. The video goes viral, and women pour forth. He agrees to three dates. But, something happens along the way. He opens his consciousness up to dating, something he closed off in his quest to be everything for Mia, and once he does, he SEES Devlyn. 
Here's the thing.
I once had a crush on a friend. That shit was painful. I endured it for about a year. Devlyn endures it for over twenty years! Yes, she dates some during that time, but she knows when he dates and when he has hook-ups and my heart gushes for Devlyn.  Garrett's one saving grace is that when he finally sees what's right before him, he REALLY sees her. And he sees what he's done to her and he sets about trying to make it right. Prescott Lane provides plentiful explanations for his lack of romantic life. But, given how much Mia wanted a Mom, it's a little surprising to me that she never saw the potential between Garrett and Devlyn, or that she didn't try at some point to push them together. But maybe if you are a kid and you grow up with things being one way, you never think about changing them.   As I read this book, "See You Through My Eyes" by The Head and the Heart kept playing in the back of my mind. It's a sweet love story with all the feels, no angsty drama, and strong characters. The whole book is as yummy as I imagine one of Devlyn's buttered biscuits would be.