Come Monday by Mari Carr

October 16, 2019
Come Monday Book ReviewCome Monday opens up as a professor student trope, then swiftly shifts into an introductory lesson on the BDSM lifestyle. Wow! Didn't see that shift coming. The story features Will, a hunky gorgeous professor and Keira, a twenty-seven year old student.  She put college on hold to help raise her younger siblings after her mother's death when she was eighteen. Keira stands out from the other undergrads, as she should. She's been through so much more than most of the others fixated on drinking and hook-ups. It's not hard to see her creative writing professor being drawn to her. She's focused and driven but has difficult closing her eyes and seeing anything other than the tangible and literal. He helps her get in touch with a side of herself that disappeared with the stresses of being the glue for her family. He's basically every woman's dream creative writing coach, and a damn fine book boyfriend. Will is such a good book boyfriend, I'll probably read more of the Wild Irish series from Mari Carr so I can see him again. Keira's backstory and her family are fully present in this novel and set the stage for the remaining books in the series that focus on her siblings. Overall, it's a fun, easy and sexy feel good read. Nevermind that the gorgeous professor trope feels completely unrealistic to me because after SEVEN years in college I can't remember a single gorgeous professor, much less a gorgeous English professor, but that's why we read romance, right? Perchance to dream.