American Queen by Sierra Simone

October 13, 2019
American Queen Book ReviewA brilliant, poetic, modern re-telling of King Arthur's story with a whole lot of kink thrown in. I'm behind the curve on this 2016 release. I got it on a BookBub deal, and when I finished American Queen, I was blown away. It's a damn good book. And it's a freaking cliffhanger which I did not pick up on. I had to go and immediately buy American Prince and American King. And, because I'm a whack job, I flipped to the back of the third installation, American King, to double-check for an HEA before reading page one of American Prince. Maybe that wasn't the right approach, but it's a King Arthur re-telling so a completely warranted double-check. Besides, I learned my lesson with The Nightingale. Had I pre-checked that ending I could have saved myself hundreds of pages traversing mountains and concentration camps. I digress. American Queen opens with a bride walking down the aisle with bite marks from the best man on her thighs. An awestruck groom awaits her with her panties in his pocket and his bite marks on his best man's neck. Let all that sink in. And immediately, the question becomes, how did they get there? Ash, Greer and Embre form the deepest love triangle I have ever read. A heartfelt triangle I cheered for. I love how Simone shares their love story by piecing together their history with first person points of view. I'll admit that by the third book, I was a bit like - okay, I know what happens here. But, all in all, she leverages first person perspective in a brilliant and effective manner so the reader understands each and every twist and turn that delivers these three individuals to all of their fateful days. Plural because clearly three books mean that one wedding can't be the only fateful day. Did I mention kink yet? Because holy mother of all things holy, this series packs it in. Sierra Simone might have earned her place as my all-time favorite writer of sexy scenes that will cream anyone's panties. Clearly, this is a MMF romance, but she's packing even more with doms and subs and delightful torture. If you love sexy scenes, then this one's a strong recommend.