Love on the Hudson by K.D. Fisher

September 29, 2019
Love on the Hudson Book ReviewLove Is Love Is Love. David and Nick's poignant and heartfelt love story reminds of this in KD Fisher's touching debut novel. The two are neighbors, childhood friends and high school lovers. David has a supportive family and he's openly gay. Nick's father represents the worst of humanity, a judgemental hateful bigot, and therefore Nick remains closeted. He attempts a heterosexual marriage. Interestingly, he foregoes college to appease his father, and he had a football scholarship. This piece surprises me, because the stereotypical bigot would pump his chest at having a college football player son. David moves away to Chicago and only comes home when his father has a stroke. In Love on the Hudson, we see the two fall in love as adults and watch Nick struggle with the difficult and emotional decision to come out to his family and face his father's hate. As a parent, I can't imagine turning away from one's child over a choice he has made. But, in truth, even when Nick was endeavoring to be the perfect son, his father was a horrid parent. This story is the love story of two men. And let me just say, my lady parts tingled. KD Fisher does MM right. The sexual tension and energy between these two vibrates the pages. There is a deeper story within these pages. It speaks to the divisiveness of the world we live in. How, even in a progressive state, provincial small-minded views exist and thrive. And for what reason? To make weak individuals feel stronger and better about themselves? Is that really what it comes down to? Because an open-minded, intelligent and rational being doesn't feel the emotional need to force his beliefs on others or to openly foster hate for those that don't act in a preferred manner. Love is Love. Hate is Hate. Love strengthens our soul and gives our life meaning. Hate corrupts and takes so much away from us all. May Love always win.