Love With Me by Kristen Proby

September 22, 2019
Book ReviewA refreshing, real friends to lovers romance from Kristen Proby from her With Me in Seattle series. Jace and Joy have been friends since undergrad. Their friendship survived his med school, her vet school, his residency and her opening her own clinic. They have a special kind of friendship. They can go a month without talking, but if he needs a plus one, he calls and she makes herself available. If she needs him, he's there. Through fifteen years of friendship, they've come to know each other's families. They've supported each other through the good and the bad. So, when he's suspended from work due to a malpractice lawsuit, she's the first person he calls. I love this book because it's so REAL. When life slows down, and he takes the time to open his eyes, he realizes he wants more from Joy than a friendship, and he goes for it. Neither of them have huge drama holding them back. These are two type A individuals who have already met with success. Watching these two transition from friends to everything is a sweet ride and one worth reading again. Work life balance becomes the monster in the room, the one they each must figure out. And how REAL is that? When Jace comes to her with a solution, I want to reach through the pages and hug him and recommend he go on Oprah because his solution is grounded and makes sense. AND his solution is the best possible option not only for his personal life, but for the hospital and for his patients. There's also an OB-GYN in here who mentions that people using condoms come in pregnant all the time. Love that! Condoms are great for disease prevention, but it's always great to be reminded there are other more proven birth control methods. Education. It's a lovely thing.