The Day He Came Back by Penelope Ward

September 18, 2019
Book ReviewTorn apart by Gavin's snobby, aristocratic West Palm Beach Mom, these two star crossed lovers are reunited ten years later. This second chance, rich vs. poor romance plucks at the heart strings. About half of The Day He Came Back is a flashback to the summer the two fell in love, when she's twenty and he's twenty one. Her mother discovers she has breast cancer that summer, and his mother decides she will control his life. Ten years later, Gavin returns to West Palm Beach to visit his ailing father. He's shocked to discover his father's nurse is none other than the woman who ripped his heart to shreds. He's home for a month. Over that time, his brother returns home, his fiance surprises him, and he learns the real reason Raven walked away so long ago. Authors walk a fine line when second chance lovers are reunited and there is a current lover in the picture. Penelope Ward walks the line well. There is no physical cheating. Paige has been Gavin's rock, and he loves her. She isn't a bitch. We can't hate her. While Gavin loves her, his deepest love is Raven, and the only reason he has ever been with anyone else is because he's believed Raven wasn't available. He even says he's glad he found Raven before he got married, because he's not sure the outcome would've been any different. Meaning, he would have gotten a divorce. He understands that life is too short not to be with those you love the most. It's a tad ironic, given his father refused to divorce his mother, a raving horrific bitch. Weldon, his younger brother, has the biggest character evolution in the book. I'd really like to read his story. He starts out as a self-centered, spoiled adolescent. Then, we meet him as a defeated, lost alcoholic. But he sees the error of his ways and he finds a way to be close to Raven and Gavin, and to AA.