Broken Knight by LJ Shen

September 8, 2019
Book ReviewA beautiful story with many layers. It's rare that the love stories of secondary characters take a central role in a book. In Broken Knight, the love story that had my eyes welling up with tears was not of the hero and heroine, the football player and wallflower, but Knight's adoptive mother and father. Rosie, Knight's adoptive mother, battles cystic fibrosis. Knight struggles, along with his family, as she bravely fights and eventually succumbs to the disease. Some of the most heartfelt and poignant chapters in the book are written from Rosie and Dean's perspective. Dean is Rosie's husband, and Knight's adoptive father. Knight and his childhood best friend Luna share a motto for life - Ride or Die. Dean and Rosie impart heartfelt meaning to the motto inscribed on the treehouse trunk. If I ever need to plan a funeral, I'm hunting LJ Shen down because girlfriend does it right. One of my favorite lines from the book: "She wanted you to remember that she had a good life and that she expects nothing less from you."
Knight and Luna
Both Knight and Luna suffer emotional pain from their birth mothers not wanting them. Luna remembers her mother walking away, and I believe that would pack it's own brand of pain. But both Luna and Knight found loving, supportive, amazing adoptive mothers. Nevertheless, they both struggle with a void. I do recommend this book, and I did enjoy it. However, some aspects of Knight and Luna's love story I found to be a stretch. For example, I can buy maybe one or two girls lying about a guy sleeping with them when he didn't. But fifteen or twenty? That's not highschool girl behavior. And at some point, some girl is gonna be honest with her BFF and at the very least, there would be some suspicion on campus regarding his claims. And why lie to Luna and throw it in her face? I had trouble understanding his logic if he really was holding out for her. In general, I'm not a huge fan of teenagers falling in love for always, and that might be part of my skepticism. I think the case could be made these two grew a lot in the book, but still would benefit from a lot more growing. But, I guess if these two can buy a place in Venice Beach where they can hear the ocean when they're both UCLA students......well, the world is their oyster. I do love how Luna stands strong and forces Knight to face his alcohol and drug issues. The fact she was strong enough to stand up to him and to leave him if needed, well, that's enough to make it believable these two will share a forever love as strong as Dean and Rosie's.