To Have and Hate by Donna Alam

August 11, 2019
To Have and Hate by Donna Alam Book Review Sexy, page-turning fake marriage romance done London style.   The chemistry between Beckett and Olivia sizzles right from the start.   I found myself wanting to beg them to just get on with the fornication already. Olivia's clumsy tendencies and some of her attitude remind me a tad of another British chick I adore, Bridget Jones.   Olivia, however, is way more buttoned up.  For one, she's an entrepreneur and has launched a dating service (think eHarmony) called eVolve that leverages social networks to find the right match.   She's a nonsmoker, bad vegetarian, and while she does wear leggings to lay on the sofa, she's not weighing herself daily.   So, not a perfect match for Bridge. Beckett's a gazillionaire financier with a knack for making savvy investments and purchases.  An alpha with smoking abs, he goes after what he wants. The fake marriage comes about as part of a win-win scenario.  He wants to be married to ensure he can buy a controlling share of a specific company and he needs to prove he's reliable, and she needs funding to keep her start-up afloat.   The whole scenario unrolls in a believable fashion, but it's after the temporarily binding marriage that the sparks fly and the slippery, heated ride commences. Anglophile romance lovers will love this book.   Donna Alam's writing style is like a lesson on British speak.   Anyone who loves fake marriage tropes is gonna get a kick on this spin and be dreaming of Beckett.