Missing by Noelle Adams

July 31, 2019
Missing Book ReviewMissing by Noelle Adams Book Review and Recommendation Sexy, balanced romance set in Washington D.C.   She's in her late thirties and he's in his late forties.   They don't act like teenagers and I really kind of love it. Nathan's the son of a former two-term President and a powerhouse on the political scene.   Security follow him and his daughters.   One of his daughters has gone missing. Lynn's an editor of a political magazine she founded with her ex-husband.  She's well respected. After an unforgettable one night stand, they agree to see each other once every three months.   Then more frequently. Their love grows slowly.   They treat each other with respect.  And kindness.   They've both learned from failed marriages and appreciate the good things in each other.    The story unfolds in third person.   The narrator does a good job of letting us see both sides of this indelible relationship. I'd also like to add a little note about this book cover.   HOT.   Brings Nathan to life.    A quick glance at Noelle Adam's author page shows she has a knack for picking out delicious male book cover models.   Thumbs up, Noelle.