The Prenup by Lauren Layne

July 24, 2019
The Prenup Book ReviewThe Prenup Book Review Cute, loveable, page-turning fun.  The Prenup by Lauren Layne is a film screen worthy romantic comedy.   Seriously, I could easily see this as a romantic comedy with one of the hot thirty something Irish actors. Colin and Charlotte marry for convenience - he needs a green card, she needs her inheritance.   For the next ten years, he lives in NY and she lives in San Fran.  Then he asks for a divorce and they discover a clause her brother put in the prenup that requires they live under the same roof for three months. Before they ever even kiss they're in love.   Yep, these two thirty something professionals fall in love without ever kissing.   It's like Charlotte never ever watched Sex and the City and didn't learn anything at all from her namesake. On the bright side, for anyone wanting a "clean" romance, this is it!  No sex.  Nada.  My 12 year old could read this.  Not that she's into thirty somethings falling in love.  If she gets a chance to read something off the required reading book list, it's gonna be a junior high or high school romance.  But, the point is, she COULD read this.   Which also means if you're looking for a romance to read while on a flight sitting beside your kid, this is a great one to pick.  No need to snap "don't read over my shoulder." I really did love this book.  I really did.  But I would have loved to see a little of what was going on from Colin's side.  I mean, he's engaged to a woman he's dated for 18 months.  Really longer, because I think his thirty something fiance laid out the marriage ultimatum after 18 months together.  Then he had to get off his duff and research how to end his fake marriage.  And, I'm gonna guess the L word was exchanged.  She doesn't seem to be the nicest, but you know, the man she wants to have children with has a hottie living with him in order to end the marriage he claims was fake, so you kind of have to cut her some slack.   That clock ticking thing is real, people. So, how far into the two months of living with Charlotte and falling in love with her was he still having sex with his fiance?   This point kind of bugs me.  He's fighting for his relationship with Rebecca well into the two months of living with Charlotte.  Won't even so much as kiss Charlotte.   There's no way to be sure about the sex, but it does seem he ends his engagement a few weeks (at most) before proposing (for realz) to a woman he's never even kissed.   That's one little thing that makes me scratch my head.   But, you don't have to think too much about that.  The whole engagement to another woman is kind of more undercurrent to the story. I'm sure if they make this into a movie, the screenwriters will make Rebecca horrid and who knows, maybe she convinced Colin to agree to marry her for some reason other than love.  I'd say to advance his career in the law firm, but he owns the law firm.  No worries though.  Hollywood will sell it.