Wrong by Jana Aston

July 17, 2019
Wrong series Book ReviewWrong Series Book Review and Recommendation Jana Aston hit it out of the ballpark with this one, her first book by the way.  Who does that?  Her first book!   I love this whole series, but Wrong.  I've read it several times - and that's just got to be Wrong. Luke and Sophie have a 16 year age difference.   He's a gynecologist.  He's gorgeous.  When they meet, she's an undergrad serving him coffee.  At the Grind Me coffee shop no less.   The chemistry ricochets.  Then, when she goes to the student health clinic, he's her gyno. It may sound cliche or silly or whatever.  But I can promise you if you read this, you'll LOVE it.  It's funny.  It's sexy.  Like really sexy sex scenes.  And the characters are well-developed.   When I read Plan B and Luke makes an appearance, I squealed.  And I read Wrong months ago.   I even love her epilogue - because it's just so true to the character and the book and it makes me happy. Right Book ReviewRight, the second book in the Wrong series, shares the story of Sophie's barista friend Everly.  Everly, by the way, keeps you laughing in Wrong.  She's borderline hysterical.  Not like as in insane, but as in laugh out loud funny. Everly has crushed on Finn, her older brother's friend, since she was six years old.   She's been bound and determined he's her one.  So determined than when he becomes a professor at Penn, that's the only college she applies to.   She hounds him so diligently it's pretty clear the only reason he doesn't call the cops is she's a family friend. Then she meets Finn's older brother, Sawyer.   And, for the record, I find Sawyer to be so much more than Finn.   I can't say more without giving away some plot twists in this book, but holy smokes.   Sawyer's hot.  I'd choose Luke over Sawyer as my book boyfriend, but only because of Luke's fingers. This book is another one that's worthy of reading twice.  Funny and yummy and makes you happy. Fling Book ReviewFling, a short novella, shares the story of Gabe, Sawyer's business partner, and Sandra.   Sandra is Sawyer's assistant who befriends Everly.   Sandra is much more like Sophie, but the three ladies become close friends. Fling includes many nods to Sixteen Candles, with men leaning on car doors ala Jake Ryan.  So right there, it's got a lot going for it. It's a funny, quick and satisfying read.   The only downside is it's so short.  You'll wish you had more to read of their story.       Trust Book ReviewTrust, the last book in the Wrong series, features Boyd, Sophie's long lost brother from the first book, Wrong.   Chloe is Everly's roommate. In earlier books, there are references to Chloe's thing for law enforcement and crime shows.  And, Boyd's an FBI agent.  So, Everly's not the only one to have a feeling Boyd and Chloe should meet. The thing is, Chloe has serious anxiety issues.  The kind that at times pull your heart strings.  Here's where you fall in love with Boyd.  He sees her for the amazing woman she is, overlooking horrid jokes that would make most normal folks stop the conversation and go the opposite direction.    Boyd plays along, developing a relationship with Chloe without her even realizing what he's doing. Boyd sees the beauty within Chloe.  In a way he rescues her and it's swoon worthy.  You still get all the Jana Aston laughs, but there's a more serious topic at hand too.