The Amorous Adventures of Jake Karter by Jake Karter

July 14, 2019
The Amorous Adventures of Jake Karter Book Review and Recommendation Filled to the brim with sexy romps, The Amorous Adventures of Jake Karter is reminiscent of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.  Except Walter's having fantasies, and Jake's living fantasies of the naughty persuasion.   There are times when the book reads like a romp through porno land with cute meets and then hello! Told in 3rd person, one could question why it's not in first.  The book is all about Jake's adventures.  And, first would have let us see the world through Jake's eyes.  And oh my, that would have been a joy. Alas, there are many scenes that occur without Jake in them.  Even sex scenes.  And it's all an important part of the story.  Hence, an all-knowing narrator leads us through the Australian tale. There's more to the book than just sex.  Although sex is a lot of it!  There's an evil woman afoot and the plot to uproot her twists and turns.  Without giving too much away, I especially like the use of email.   If one can hijack someone's email account, so much can be done. A friend of mine once lamented that Fifty Shades has too much sex.  She said, "It's just like, what, sex?  Again?".   So, if you agree with my friend's assessment, this isn't the book for you.   However, if you dig the erotic, maybe even want a book to mark a favorite scene for enhancing your masturbation pleasure, then this book is for you.   Jake's experienced, to say the least, and his adventures include good ole menage with MMF and MFF.   There's no real bisexual action, but it's fun! A little groovy factoid:  Jake Karter has an Instagram account.  I recommend you follow him.  He posts passages from his book, but also photos of himself.  Photos so naughty the Instagram police remove some from time to time.   Follow him @jakekarterendures