Entice by Stacey Lynn

July 10, 2019
Entice Book Review and Recommendation Entice and Embrace, the first two books in the Tangled Love series and the two books that make up the Tangled Love Duet by Stacey Lynn, tackle romance from a different angle. Laurie had the story book romance.  She and James fell in love in high school.  They were each other's firsts.  Dated through college.  Married after college.  Had the marriage of dreams.  And then, they kind of grew apart. This is the story of a marriage.  A story of one person cheating.   And then what happens when someone comes along and makes the jilted spouse feel gorgeous and wanted. The story covers two books.   You'll want to read both books.  It's a true duet.   In the second book, Embrace,  Laurie learns more about herself.  She comes into her own.   She grows. And she decides which man she really loves.  Which man she wants to work for a relationship with.   Because, as Stacey Lynn shows, the sex may be off the charts hot, but the relationship still takes work.   Pain.  Strength.  Honesty. There were times when reading these books I kind of wanted to bitch slap Laurie.  If she'd been my friend, I totally would have. But, in the end, she gets it together.   I can't say more without giving the ending away, but I will say that it's a unique romance.   It's kind of a deep dive into relationships.  The good and the bad.  To some degree, the reality.   And Laurie's story won't be the same for everyone.  Because, hey, no two relationships are the same.   But, there's some good stuff in here.   Stacey Lynn takes the erotic romance novel to places many writers won't go.  It's worth the trip.