Plan B by Jana Aston

July 3, 2019
Plan B by Jana Aston Book Review & Recommendation Fun, light-hearted rom com like only Jana Aston can deliver.  You'll be laughing your way through this one, thoroughly entertained, and just like a scoop of ice cream, you'll be all done way too fast and craving another scoop. Heads up - this one does start off with one looong soliloquy from Daisy.   First 10% of the book folks.  I checked the Kindle counter.  So, if you find yourself wishing Daisy would wrap it up, just flip through.  The story really starts at Chapter 4. Daisy, a character doppelganger for Everly from the Wrong series, finds herself in a bit of a predicament after a one night stand.   A one night stand to a gorgeous billionaire who it turns out is a little hard to reach.   When she does reach him, Kyle makes plans of his own. Oh, and Kyle is Luke's cousin.   Luke, America's one (and most likely only) HOT gynecologist.  If you didn't read Wrong, you must.  You really, really must.  Not because that at all matters when reading Plan B, but because it's SO GOOD.   In Plan B, you get to see him a little bit.   We don't get to see Sophie, but we hear she's doing well after her third bambino.  It's a shame Sophie and Daisy don't meet since Daisy is her BFF's character doppelganger, but I like to imagine Sophie warmed to Daisy immediately and took her new neighbor relative under her wing. Plan B follows Sure Thing in the Best Laid Plans series.   Sure Thing tells the tale of Violet pulling a twin swap so Daisy can go find her baby daddy and not get fired from her job as a tour guide.   Violet is the good twin, Daisy is the handful.   Both stories are rom com at its finest, and it doesn't really matter which one you read first. Little Factoid:  Aston mentions Cornelius, NC.  Only relevant because yours truly currently resides there.   Always fun to see the name of your nothing suburban town in print.   See if you can find it!