The Newlyfeds by Logan Chance

June 30, 2019
The NewlyFEDS Book ReviewI've never read a Logan Chance book before. On the day this came across my email I was hungover and just wanted a fun read.   The NewlyFEDS totally delivered.   Romantic comedy wrapped in sexy. The NewlyFEDS at first glance made me think it should be a movie starring Sandra Bullock.  Or maybe it's a trope similar to a movie that did star Sandra Bullock.   Whatever.  Even if it's been done before, this version rocks fun and sexy. It's not romantic suspense.  You don't have to read about blood and gore.  It's romantic comedy.  It'll keep you smiling and turning the pages.   Vin and Addison have great chemistry.   And, Vin's really kind of an ideal book boyfriend. It's a quick read.  Great to take your mind off of what you did last night.   Definitely recommend.