Atheists Who Kneel & Pray by Tarryn Fisher

June 26, 2019
Opens with an email.  Then you meet Yara.   She responds with an email - one word shorter than his.   And from that moment on, Tarryn Fisher pulls you into a romance that's gonna stay with you for years. I read this book over a year ago.  Still one of my favorites.  Neon pink graffiti now makes my heart flutter. "It's always the eccentric ones who have the most wisdom."   That's a quote from David, a singer, romantic and just fucking amazing guy.   Tara, his love, well, she has a world of hurt and issues. Their story isn't perfect.  It's not a fall in love with insta rainbows.  It's gritty.  Hits you.  Ups and downs.  Over years they get there.  And when they get there, let me just say, it's so fucking romantic. Love.  Just love.