Book Boyfriend Series by Claire Kingsley

June 23, 2019
What a great premise for a romance book!  The book boyfriend.  Because don't all romance readers have ideal book boyfriends? In this one, he's a romance writer with a pen name.  She's a blogger, with a pen name.  Their alter egos are friends.   Then they meet in a bookstore.   Of course, they use their real names when they meet.  And start dating. Love the premise.  Mia, the heroine, is the clutzy, loveable type.  Alex, as a romance writer, clearly has some things going for him.  Not to mention all the prerequisites to be hero - six pack, lean, gorgeous. It's a fun romantic comedy.   Best thing about this series is you get to know Alex's family better in the next two books... and you still get to spend time with Alex and Mia.   Something about this one - either the name or the cover - didn't draw me.  I read this one last.  Definitely a case of first impression leading me astray. Weston's a boob enhancing plastic surgeon.  Comes across like such a dick.   But he has his reasons.  And getting to know Weston and watching him fall in love is A LOT of fun. Alex's sister Kendra deserves a halo.  She's there for everyone.  I imagine if she were a real person, that she's such a good person, she probably wouldn't be my friend.  Regardless, she's perfect for Weston.   The kind of good friend he's probably needed his whole life. It's another fun romantic comedy.   And, if you read the books in order, you still get to hang with Weston and Kendra in the next book!  Cool little factoid, at end of book 3, there's a bonus chapter all about Weston and Kendra.   Fun, fun, fun.   Maybe I was just jonesing for a hot single dad story, but I skipped book 2 to read hot single dad next.  You meet Caleb (ever so briefly) in book boyfriend, but I knew at first sight he'd make a good book. He's a resident with a cutie pie little girl.  His wife died when his daughter was maybe 2 years old.  His wife's parents (who btw are kind of despicable) send their other daughter to nanny for him.  She's 23 and this departure is aimed at controlling her life - and making it known they don't approve of his parenting skills/nanny hiring skills.   Want to punch 'em, right? Well, Linnea grows up and evolves in this book.   And, when she comes down the escalator (he hadn't seen her in like 6 or 8 years), it's love at first sight. Now, the sister thing - that's tricky.  But, trust, Claire Kingsley handles it well and you will be rooting for them.