Forge Trilogy by Meghan March

June 19, 2019
Page turning, can't put it down kind of trilogy!  I read all three books in one day. As a professional poker player, India knows how to play her opponents.  She's a strong, memorable woman you'll root for right from the start.   Jericho's your typical hot, built, brilliant billionaire Jason Mamoa look-alike gunning for revenge. Almost non-stop action for all three books.  International, risky, high stake poker games, combined with Russians, loads of security guards, and lots of plot twists to keep the pages turning. Deal with the Devil introduces the two and you get to watch them fall for each other.   Ends with a cliffhanger that will have you immediately buying Luck of the Devil.  It's worth noting that the magic doesn't happen until late in this book.   But that's okay because the next two books pack some heat and while it's a trilogy, it's really kind of like one book. Luck kicks off with good Jericho history, then picks up from the cliff.  At one point, Creighton, a billionaire from a prior series, schools Jericho on relationships.  He figures it out. Then, boom: massive cliff.  Heart of the Devil starts with more background.  You get the picture.  If you want the story, you read all three books.  These are not standalones.  There is a free chapter at the end of Book 3, Heart of the Devil, if you sign up for Meghan March's newsletter.  This is the first I've read from Meghan March, but I happily signed up to learn about her new releases. If you like romantic suspense, you'll love this trilogy.