Jersey Six by Jewel E. Ann

June 16, 2019
Jersey Six Book ReviewLOVE this book!  Another great mind-bending story from Jewel E. Ann.  It's so much more than romantic suspense.   And, that cover!  Lick worthy. Jersey Six, a foster care survivor, meets a rock star who gives her a job and shelter.   She seeks revenge.   It's a love story. Definitely suspense.  Lots of twists.   Strong, memorable characters.  I can't imagine forgetting Jersey Six and Ian Cooper. The story is so much more than just a romance.  To me, it's a story about the endurance and strength of the human spirit.   About the healing power of love.   A reminder that we can't judge others because we never really know what they've been through.  A reminder to be kind to the next homeless person you meet.

Guardian ad Litem

I work with kids in foster care, and I'm also a kickboxer, so this one really hit home for me.  If you read this and are left wanting to look out for kids in foster care, but not sure how to, you may want to consider Guardian ad Litem.   You can find your states chapter here.  These volunteers are assigned a child in foster care.  They serve as a double-check in a way.  Someone in addition to the overworked, underpaid social services worker to check in and make sure these kids are indeed okay.   That they aren't in a Fisher situation.  That if they go to court, they aren't alone.  If a court case involves them and they are too young to attend, someone's in that courtroom with their interest at heart.  One more set of eyes.  Because no child should ever feel unloved.