With This Heart by RS Grey

June 9, 2019
Young love between two old souls, this story brings tears to the eyes and stays with you. I did have to research to find out if it's YA.  It says it's for ages 17 and above, and there are some hot sex scenes - so I guess that means it's officially not YA.  But, so much about this feels like YA. These two are young, college age kids.   She's an old soul because she's been through more than most adults twice her age, spending her childhood preparing for death until at age 19 her beeper goes off and she receives her transplant.   He's an old soul because even though he's a college kid, he has the wisdom to glance across the street and appreciate her zest for life and he actually does something about it. This is a coming of age book with a heartwarming romance.  It's the kind of book that makes you appreciate life..... not just love, LIFE.