Sweet Thing by JA Huss

June 2, 2019
  What age difference deserves society's frown?15 years?20 years? I'm gonna go with love is love is love.   Age is a state of mind.   Now, I will always point out that if uber hot Demi couldn't make it work with Ashton, then I'm a little skeptical the older woman thing works for the long haul.  But..... what a lucky woman with the older man, right?  I mean, when she's 40 and he's on the shadowy side of fifty....she's still a hot young thing. In Sweet Thing, you can see how it could work.  And, true to JA Huss, it's super sexy. The story makes me think back to when I was 18.  I sure as hell wasn't in as mature of a place as Aria.  I needed time on my own.  There was this chef I worked with, probably around the age of Ryker (the hero in this story).   Unlike most chefs, he rocked washboard abs.  Never occurred to me, not once, to put him in the "potential fuck" bucket.   A fellow waitress my age started dating him.  Total shock.  To me.  Not to her.   But she was so much more together than me.  She ironed her uniform.  Who the fuck irons their polyester waitress uniform?  Perfect hair.  Mine was (and, come to think of it, still is) always in a messy bun.  I hunted rock bands and she'd go home to clean her apartment.   Those two might still be together.  Wouldn't shock me at all.  She was ready.  We were the same chronological age, but that's where our similarities ended.  Oh, and we both had to work full-time to get through college. Anyway, I love this love story.  It's pretty straightforward and simple, and then again, it's not.   Eighteen isn't really a simple age, is it?   It's not really the kind of story I associate with JA Huss, but it completely fits within this naughty series.   Read it and enjoy.