Just My Type by Tara Sivec

May 29, 2019
Super cute romance.  When I say cute, I mean Tara Sivec incorporates humorous, laugh out loud email and text exchanges as Baker and Ember start to trust and fall in love. In terms of evil villains, her ex plays a world class asshole.  Sadly, not as evil as some I've met in real life, but evil enough to piss a reader off. Ember's a bit of a wacky character, but she's still loveable.  And what I love about her?  She's taken a hard punch, but she pulls herself together for her son and she's strong.  She can throw her own punches. This cover?  It's what pulled me in, and I swear they kind of hit it spot on with the two characters on the front cover.  These two are Baker and Ember.  I love that. Oh, and this is book 2 in The Simple Life series.  I haven't read book 1, but I'm gonna!  


If your husband ever tells you things aren't working out, and he thinks it's better if you each don't contest divorce, nod (or disagree, whatever you feel like doing) but either way:  GET A FUCKING LAWYER.  Don't call your Mom, your friend, your brother.  Your first three calls are to lawyers to schedule appointments.  After you have those appointments scheduled, you can break down and cry and call your tribe.  After each of those heart ripping phone calls, you end them by asking "Is there a divorce lawyer you recommend?".   And keep asking until you find a rock solid, will kick ass attorney.  Oh, and even if you don't want to take his (or her) money, if you've been married for years, half that is yours.  So, you don't want it?  Fine.  Take it and put it in an account for your kid.  But, take the fucking money that you have EARNED.  And if you've both been working - awesomesauce.  Still get that lawyer to ensure shit (and child custody) is fair.  Know your rights.
Now, as for the upshot.  The sex scenes are hot.  I don't want to give the impression they aren't.  And I completely recommend this book.   It wouldn't be on the blog if it's not recommended.  But, they don't get it on until like 75% into the book, which kind of stands out in this category.   So, I struggled, but I think the 75% into it warrants a bit of a warning, you know, just based on what a reader is wanting.   I'll mention it again.  They take it nice and slow, but it really is worth it.