Time by Penny Reid

May 26, 2019
"History - the good kind of history - is seldom made by those who keep their head down." I think I kind of fell in love with Mona DaVinci when she says this.  Maybe because it's a sign of our times.  Which, interestingly enough, somewhere in this book she says in a class she had they point out that the issues from a thousand years ago still exist today.   Abram counters that all the good things from a thousand years ago, love, trust, caring, they exist today too.   A powerful message for the times we live in. I picked this book to read because I just love that cover.  And yeah, at times, I was kind of like, 'I think I missed some of this story.'   After I finished it, filled with a good warm vibe, I researched and discovered that this is part three in a series by Penny Reid, with two cliffhangers before it.   Given a cliffhanger is kind of my pet peeve, maybe that's all for the best.   Three books is a long ass time to arrive at an HEA.   If you want to go through that, Motion and Space are the two before this one. I do love this book.  What's not to love about a wicked smart heroine?  And the hero's bloody brilliant too, but more in an emotional and creative intelligence sort of way, whereas Mona could school Einstein.   And, come on now....look at that cover art!
Remember about the rating:
Now, for the vagina rating.  Just remember - this isn't like a star rating.  It's meant as an indicator of how much sex is in a book.  Because sometimes you really want a lot, sometimes you don't, and it's bloody hard in this category to tell what you are getting when you pick a book!   So, not a ton of sex here, but still, such a fun, good, and smart book.   Definitely would get kicked out of the YA category - it's not YA.  Although, I can't help but wonder about Motion and Space......because the first time these two have sex is in book 3, Time.  Things that make you go hhmmmm.   But I'm gonna trust the hook-ups they have in the first two books are super hot, just absent penetration.