Pretty Things by JA Huss

May 22, 2019
Pretty Things brought tears to my eyes.  The love story didn't deliver watery eyes, although Aiden and Kali have a damn good story.   I can say this without giving too much away, because the book starts off at a funeral.   Kyle, Kalie's twin brother and Aiden's best friend, dies.   The story revolves around them dealing with his death and finding each other. Kyle uses this app called "Dead Notes".  Little JA Huss trivia for you - that app was created by a fictional character from another series named Five.  One of my fave characters EVER.   Totally unrelated to this book, just a cool blast from the past.  I like thinking of people out in the world using Five's app.
The app allows people to leave a message for loved ones.  It's a "If you're hearing this, then shit" kind of message.   And you can call and leave messages to your dead loved one.  Kind of morbid, but kind of sweet too.  Therapeutic idea. Dead Notes reminded me of the letters I wrote each of my baby daughters.  In case I had a brain aneurysm and they never got to know me, there were some things I wanted them to know.   So I wrote those letters and told my husband about them so he'd know to look for them.  The Death Notes app in the book recommends updating your message every five years.  So, this book made me realize that now that my daughters are age 10 and 12, I should probably write new letters.   Just. In. Case.  Asteroid.  Lightning. Walking this path with Kali and Aiden also reminded me how sad I was when I accidentally deleted the last vm my Dad left me.  And how I can't seem to take him off my favorites list.   A new person has his number (I know this because I butt-dialed him), but I can't take him off. Maybe someone needs to create that app for real. Interesting tidbit, this book is the first book released from JA Huss's three book series "Naughty Things".   And get this, she released this one first, but it's the last one she wrote.   Interesting, right?   These are all standalone, but I'm definitely gonna read the other two:  Sweet Thing and Wild Thing.    One thing about JA Huss, she writes THE best sex scenes.