Dance with Me by Kristen Proby

May 15, 2019
Adored this romance.  The twelfth book in With Me In Seattle series by Kristen Proby, I picked it out because it's a new release and it's been a while since I've read a Kristen Proby book.  I've read several of her series, but for whatever reason didn't dive into the Seattle ones.  Which, given Seattle is the one city I'd move to in a heartbeat if my husband and daughters agreed, doesn't really make sense.   Anyway, the whole series just moved up onto my "must read" list. Starla and Levy take centerplace of this one, but you can tell as you read it there are several good love stories among their friends and families.   We didn't cross ELEVEN couples, so I'm gonna guess not all of the characters in the eleven prior books have a role in this one. This one includes a little bit of dramatic suspense.  The intrigue keeps you turning the pages even after the H/H know they've found the one who will be, as Starla says, "the last man to see me naked."