Limit by Molly McAdams

May 12, 2019
The third book in the Rebel series, which is a spin-off of her Redemption series, Limit brings back all the old characters for a page turning conclusion. This time, it's Conor's time to fall.  It's a good love story, but this is really romantic suspense.   Both series are mafia stories, but not your mother's mafia.   This is modern day, iPhone carrying, tech savvy law breakers where the hackers are as important as the highly trained assassins. These guys have broken away from the mob and started a nonprofit that helps women in abused homes.   Scary tattooed guys, rough pasts, big hearts.  The women rock as iron strong powerhouses. The series should really be read in book order.  You'd probably figure it all out skipping around.  You could also probably figure out Game of Thrones if you started on the last season, but no one recommends that! Book order:   Redemption Series - Blackbird, Firefly, Nightshade    Rebel Series - Lyric, Lock, Limit