London Lovers Volume One by Amy Daws

May 5, 2019
London Lovers,Volume One includes three books:Becoming Us, A Broken Us,and London Bound. As the names imply, Becoming Us and A Broken Us tie together.   These two are essentially one book.  You'd never read Becoming Us without also reading A Broken Us. Becoming Us covers Brody and Finley during their college years, or really, their senior year.   And, if you don't read the second epilogue, you can close this book and be happy.  If you read the second epilogue, you'll keep on reading to follow them in their post college years.   I kind of like this stories approach because, let's face it, relationships in college ARE different than post college relationships.   Brody and Finely have one of the best first dates together (in college) that I've ever read.   In A Broken Us, the two face heartbreaking, emotional issues that ultimately brings them back together and to a more mature, solid, real place.   Yeah, you'll cry during the second book. London Bound tells the story of Finley's crazy best friend Leslie and the guy that falls in love with her 'sparkle' at first sight.   This is more of a romantic comedy, with Leslie's gay roommate, Frank, making the whole story fun while pushing Leslie to open up and face her issues.   This is a fun book, but series issues are interwoven and I have to say I didn't feel like Leslie ever really DEALT with her issues.  Don't worry - still an HEA.  It's all happy.  But, the issues are so serious I closed the book feeling like maybe they were revealed but not really addressed. Sensitive topics in this set:   Infertility, Death, Domestic Abuse Again, only mentioning the sensitive topics as a warning for those who may just not be up for one of those at this point in time.