Hopeful by Louise Bay

May 1, 2019
Hopeful tells the story of two college kids who fall in love but are too young to figure out how to stay together, and maybe too wise to make those sacrifices.  Eight years later, Joel returns to London and they have a second chance.  The story unfolds through flashbacks to the past mixed in with present day occurrences.  I couldn't put the book down as I tried to piece together what had happened and then, more importantly, what was going to happen.  In the end, this is a love story that a year after I read it, it's still with me. Oh, and the sex.  This book has a few scenes you'll want to earmark to re-read.  So freaking good. This book turned me onto this author and I love her work.  One day I'll do a whole page on all of her books with a reader order, although, she does true standalones so reader order doesn't really matter.