The Mister by EL James

April 28, 2019
The Mister by EL James tells the love story of Maxim and Alessia.  Let's just say it's not at all what one would expect from an EL James novel titled "The Mister". It's good though!  The romance stays with you after you finish reading.  The suspense that EL James seems to gravitate to is definitely present in this book.  What's missing?  BDSM.  Yep.   Pretty much totally absent.  If you were expecting another peek into doms and subs - nope, not what you're getting. Is it worth reading?  Yeah, it is.   Especially if you are an anglophile or just like stories set in Europe.  Or if you like love stories where the hero is super wealthy and the heroine cleans houses for a living.   Or you want to be in the know on EL James' newest novel. Where does it rank on the believability scale?  I mean, maybe it's a little low on the whole "yeah, this could totally really happen" scale.  But, it's more believable than say, a Mission Impossible film, and there are legions of people who keep watching those movies.   I could detail the points I personally scratch my head on, but I'd give away too much and there's really no point.  So, suspend your disbelief a bit and just enjoy.  That's my mantra.   Especially when reading a romance novel!