The Blindfold Club

April 23, 2019
The Blindfold Club by Nikki Sloane includes six books in total plus a novella.  These are true standalones, which means you aren't left feeling like you haven't finished the book at the end.   The first three books cover "The Monsanto Years". Three Simple Rules kick starts The Monsanto Years with Logan and Evie. I read these books in 2018 and their love story still makes me feel warm inside. Nikki Sloane knows how to write sex.   Yes,  blindfold club = sex club.  Strong, empowered women fill these stories.   The club itself allows the women to do what they want with dignity intact.   If I explained how the club manages this, I'd give too much away.  Just know, it's not a situation where the women have no other options or have hit rock bottom.