Jewel E. Ann

April 16, 2019

This author, Jewel Ann, inspires. I discovered her in 2018 and within a few weeks read all of her books. She writes a variety of different kinds of romance stories, but she doesn't have a single weak book. The tagline on her book website: "Mindbending Romance". She delivers.



Undeniably You

The hero in this book, Lautner, is pretty much unforgettable. I've re-read this book because it's THAT good. It is the kind of book you just have to let entertain you and not think too deeply while reading, but it's still one of my faves.   Sydney + Lautner 4VR







Idle Bloom

Vivian and Oliver's love story brought tears to my eyes.  Maybe it's not so much the love story that does this, as Oliver's backstory.   It's well told and emotional.   

Sensitive topics:  Postpartum depression, death 






Scarlet Stone

Scarlet Stone and Theodore Reed start off with a rocky, makes you laugh kind of friendship.   To me, Scarlet's journey takes centerplace in this story.  On the believability scale, this one's probably pretty low, but it's a heartwarming entertaining journey.  As long as no one reads this book and decides to follow Scarlet's path over medical advice, it'll all be okay.   

Sensitive topics:  cancer; illness

Oh, and let's give a nod to the book cover on this one.  The graphics catch your eye, but the heroine on the cover?  She's all Scarlet Stone.




When Life Happened

One of my favorites.   One day I'd like to hang out with Parker because she's just one cool chick.  She's not perfect but she's smart and maybe being a perfectionist in high school bit her in the ass and made her stumble for a while, but I'm thinking she'd be one of those friends you could always count on and one you'd want to be around even if there was no alcohol around.   

In most books of the romance genre, there isn't really any evil character.  And, her twin sister isn't E-V-I-L per se, but I sure as hell would like to bitch slap her.   I can't say more without giving shit away.

The plot in this book - well, it's solid.   And the love story, well,  it's a read it more than once kind of book.




A Place Without You

Bodhi and Henna are possibly my favorite memory.  And when you read this book, you'll get that reference.   I wish I could be Henna and I'd love life if I could just be Bodhi's friend.   Coachella was kind of off my radar, but this book placed it solidly on my "yeah I want to do that one day" list.   

Sensitive topics covered include addiction and suicide.

May I add just one more note - how awesome is that cover art?  I don't think she could have found a more perfect model to be Bodhi.  Yum, yum, yum.




Naked Love

This is her most recently published book, and while it's not a part of a series, it is kind of because the characters from Undeniably You return - which means, yes, you get to see Lautner and Sydney again!

Avery (Sydney's sister) hasn't always made the best decisions.  In Undeniably You she's young so you kind of just shrug and know the day will come she'll probably shift directions.  Well, that day comes in Naked Love.   Her journey is full of laugh out loud moments, pages where you want to shake her, maybe sometimes comfort her, and it ends with a heart warming love story.





Jewel writes great series. I'm listing these separately because these are truly series. When you finish the first book, you won't feel like you've finished the book until you've finished the series. In some series, by some authors, you can read one book, maybe not in order, and it's all fine. You may not read another one in the series for another year and it's all good. That is not the case here.

Just go in knowing that each series is basically one book.


Holding you and Releasing me - her first "series". The characters are complicated.  It's a heavy story.  Sensitive topics include addiction but also loss.   As a mother, this story made me cry.   There's a solid HEA, but there's a lot to wade through to get there.  Still, as with all of Jewel Ann's books - this book: (and it's one book - you'd never read one and not the second) strongly recommended.

Jack and Jill Series: End of Day, Middle of Knight, Dawn of Forever: Romantic suspense. Up until 4am reading this series: could NOT put it down. Lost a tennis match the next day. Totally worth it. These books are THAT good. These fall so solidly in suspense that I recommended this series for my husband.  His comment:  "I don't normally like female authors, but I like this one." 

One and Look the Part are kind of part of this series. Characters from Jack and Jill are seen again in these books, but these last two are just good old fashioned romance books. Great stories, characters that resonate and stay with you.  I read both of these books twice, just because I loved them that much.  These last two aren't suspense, there's no blood or gore. Just heart-warming romance.


Transcend Duet: Transcend, Epoch: I can't say enough good things about these two books, which are really one book. The romance stories in these two books are epoch. The exploration of reincarnation touched my soul. This is one of those books that when I finished, I started sending notes out to my friends who don't read erotic romance and telling them they MUST read this book.

Oh, and as for book cover art.....LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.